Smithsonian Magazine tells the story of a time early in the last century when Ford Motor Company’s engineers were unable to analyze the source of the problem with a large generator at Ford’s River rouge plant. Henry Ford finally called in outside assistance, Charles Steinmetz, an eccentric but brilliant mathematician, and electrical engineer. Steinmetz rejected assistance from Ford’s staff and spent two days and nights listening to the generator operate and scribbling notes and calculations on his notepad.

After two days of observations, he asked for a ladder, climbed to the top of the generator, and made a chalk mark at a specific location, telling Ford’s engineers to replace 16 windings in that area of the generator. The engineers were skeptical, but it turned out that Steinmetz was correct – the generator now worked perfectly.

Steinmetz sent Ford an invoice for $10,000, an incredible amount of money for the time, especially for two days of work at the plant. Ford balked at paying and asked for an itemized invoice, which Steinmetz provided:

  • Making a chalk mark on the generator – $1
  • Knowing where to make a chalk mark on generator – $9,999


FMCSAFETY’s consultants are experts at analyzing the source of compliance problems and creating a solution; for much less than $10,000. Our strategies and solutions are developed based entirely on each individual client’s specific needs. FMCSAFETY is dedicated to our clients by being a hands-on partner that is completely involved in their safety programs. We firmly believe that mass-produced, overly priced identikit safety binders, DVDs, training programs, and newsletters may help some companies solve a small portion of their dilemmas. But, those components cannot fully correct everything nor can they discover the root cause of the problem. Our value does not come from providing clients with mundane training guidelines. Our value comes from the amount of effort we put into analyzing the source of the problem and knowing where to place the chalk mark.

Safety is an investment; not an expense. Not having a fully operational safety program and assistance from reliable safety experts can cost you much more than the investment it is worth.


Our pricing model is based on the number of CDL drivers and tractors in your company. This allows us to provide clients with superior service while keeping the monthly cost well below your budget. All clients, no matter how big or small, receives every service we offer for one low monthly rate.

Companies with one driver and one tractor can receive all of our services FOR LESS THAN $55 PER MONTH! Depending on the size of your fleet, you could pay less than $10 per driver!

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