Have you ever desired to learn firsthand what it is like to endure the process of discovery, post-accident investigation, answer interrogatories from attorneys, give witness testimony on the stand, and pay a multi-million dollar judgment to someone who was involved in an accident with your vehicle? WE DIDN’T THINK SO.

Thanks to our comprehensive mock trial, you can go through the accident and everything that follows without having to actually experience it. The purpose of this mock trial is to show drivers and company officials how important it is to abide by FMCSA, state, local, and company regulations, maintain equipment, perform a thorough pre-trip inspection, and complete post-accident investigation.

This mock trial was written by the President of FMCSAFETY, LLC, Justin Grant, and reviewed by a transportation litigation attorney and former California District Attorney for accuracy. Our mock trial has been presented by multiple trucking companies, insurance carriers, and transportation management institutes.

The United States Department of Transportation estimates that over 500,000 truck accidents occur every year. Of those, 80% are not the fault of the trucking company. Surprisingly, a commercial vehicle is three times less likely to be involved in an accident than a motor vehicle. Furthermore, 80% of accidents involving a commercial vehicle and motor vehicle are the driver of the motor vehicle’s fault. However, this does not mean trucking companies aren’t sued. 

Every 16 minutes a person is injured or killed in a commercial vehicle accident. Again, few of these are the result of an at-fault trucking company. In this training, we will discuss trucking litigation and how claims come about. You will learn how to accurately read and analyze a police report, calculate vehicle speeds based on skid marks, discover evidence and much more. The purpose of this exercise is to give you a valid illustration of what actually occurs after an accident when a party brings forth a lawsuit. 

You will go through the accident scene, post-accident reconstruction, the process of discovery, depositions, and a mock trial. Once you complete this training exercise, we are confident you and your drivers will have a greater understanding of how the post-accident process works and how minor details can become the foundation in the grand scheme of things. We have written this entire exercise based on our own personal experience and in collaboration with a practicing transportation defense attorney of twenty years proficient in commercial vehicle accident litigation. He has reviewed this mock trial for accuracy and confirmed that this is the closest context to a true-to-life trial including the events leading up to the court proceedings without having to undergo the grueling litigation process.

During the mock trial, we ask that you remove yourself from the role of truck driver so you are not swayed by bias, sympathy, or opinion. We already know that most commercial vehicle accidents are not the fault of the truck driver, but a jury with their own opinion of big trucks does not. Put yourself in the shoes of someone who has never been inside of a truck and has no experience of how the industry really is.  

Instructors will be provided a separate handbook and can include drivers who volunteer to play the characters in the scenarios.