FMCSAFETY has years of experience in managing risk and loss mitigation. We understand the unique exposures transportation companies face and how to improve them. Our consultants work as your partner to assist in managing and improving your losses, exposures, and insurance premiums.

We are happy to speak to our client’s insurance carriers to negotiate premiums for the best coverage including:

  • Liability
  • Cargo
  • Physical Damage
  • Workmans’ Compensation

Your loss experience, type of operation, safety scores and location are primary rating factors that go into making up your premium. Underwriters also have the discretion to reduce your rate when they have a greater comfort level with how your company is being run. First, you need to show that safety is your top priority. It is equally important to make sure underwriters are informed on what changes are being made that can improve future losses such as:

  • Explaining the benefit of our outsourcing services to insurance providers
  • Improving the quality of drivers
  • Strategies being implemented to help build your safety-focused organization
  • Improvements being made in safety ratings and CSA scores