Company driver handbooks are essential to the efficiency of your company due to the fact that it is a document that contains the company’s operating procedures and is usually given to a driver upon their first day of employment. Employers utilize the handbook to establish policies in the workplace, and more importantly, to protect the rights of employers and employees. The document discloses legal information, such as the company’s equal employment opportunity policy, workplace harassment policies, and expectations for safety in the workplace.

An employee/driver handbook has several advantages, which is why the handbook is usually given to the driver upon their first place of employment. The book assists a company run more effectively by outlining what behavior is and is not allowed in the workplace. It encourages employee accountability and maintains stable job performance because drivers and employees understand what is expected of them. Handbooks also explain disciplinary procedures which help make performance management more straightforward. However, simply listing different offenses in the handbook is not enough. Employers must consistently enforce the rules of the handbook or else it will lose its validity.

A professional employee handbook usually begins with a welcome message and an explanation of the purpose of the document. Handbooks can be extremely comprehensive or very selective depending on the needs of the organization. The document includes the vision and/or mission statement of the company as well as the organization’s goals. Employees can also expect to find policies regarding attendance and personal conduct, benefits and compensation, as well as incentives and disciplinary procedures.

Although employee handbooks are an effective tool for establishing workplace policies, if it is not written properly or the procedures are not followed consistently, it can easily become as valuable as the paper it is printed on. It is important to note that handbooks that are too broad or too specific can create confusion if an employee is subject to disciplinary action based on policies that are unclear. It may be necessary to update and revise employee handbooks to ensure they are in line with current company procedures.


No two businesses are alike, so why should the company driver handbooks be? FMCSAFETY provides our clients with company handbooks that are designed based on specific need, company policies, operations, and core values. Once you become a client, together, we evaluate all existing company policies, if any, and incorporate them into your new handbook. We then discuss any policies and operating procedures that your company does not have in effect and create a rough draft of your handbook. Once approved, the company/driver handbook goes through a final editing process for grammatical errors and cross-referencing. Your new handbook will then be available for unlimited download. Contact us now to begin the implementation of your company/driver handbook.