1. Consider buying DQ Files, reminding a driver that their medical card is expiring, or remembering to pull annual MVRs a thing of the past. We send Annual Review of Driving Record reminders as well as CDL and Medical Card expiration reminders at your preferred frequency. We also don’t charge our clients for individual Driver Qualification Files. Once you become a client, we pre-fill the required Driver Qualification File documents with your company’s information and send you a PDF copy of each document. All documents meet FMCSA Regulation §391, and you can print as many as you like. Our Driver Qualification Files include the following:
  2. -DQ File Checklist
  3. -Application for Employment
  4. -Request for Check of Driving Record
  5. -Pre-Employment MVR Reminder
  6. -Record of Road Test
  7. -Sample Blank Medical Examination Card and Long Form with Retention Instructions
  8. -Blank Annual MVR Reminder Sheet with Retention Instructions
  9. -Certification of Violations/Annual Review of Driving Record
  10. -Blank Letter Granting Waiver of Disqualification Reminder with Retention Instructions
  11. -Driver’s Statement of On-Duty Hours


  1. FMCSAFTEY provides your company with the files and documents required to satisfy compliance rules under FMCSA Regulation §396.3(b) For vehicles controlled for 30 consecutive days or more, except for a non-business private motor carrier of passengers (PMCP), the motor carrier shall maintain, or cause to be maintained, the following record for each vehicle:
  2. -An identification of the vehicle including company number (if so marked), make, serial number, year, and tire size. If the motor vehicle is not owned by the motor carrier of passengers, the record must identify the party providing or leasing the vehicle.
    -A means to show the nature and due date of the various inspection and maintenance operations to be performed.
    -A record of inspection, repairs, and maintenance showing their date and type.
  3. Your company also receives the Annual Inspector Qualification Form per FMCSA Regulation §396.19, Annual Brake Inspector Qualification Form per FMCSA Regulation §396.25, and Pre and Post-Trip Inspection Reports customized to your company’s specifications.


  1. Never purchase a Drug and Alcohol File again. We provide your company with Drug and Alcohol Files that meet FMCSA Regulations §40 and §382. As with our Driver Qualification Files, you receive a PDF of each document that you can print as often as needed. Our Drug and Alcohol Files contain the following documents:
  2. -Previous Pre-Employment Alcohol & Drug Test Statement
    -Request for Information from Previous Employer
    -Alcohol & Drug Records Request
    -Alcohol & Drug Certified Receipt
    -Alcohol & Controlled Substance Test Notification
    -Drug Test Result
    -Observed Behavior Reasonable Suspicion Form
    -U.S. DOT Alcohol Testing Form
    -Federal Drug Testing Custody and Control Form Example
  3. Along with our Drug and Alcohol Files, you automatically go into our National Random Drug and Alcohol Pool, otherwise known as a consortium, provided at no additional cost to you. Every 3 months your company receives an email instructing you which drivers should submit to a random drug and/or alcohol screen. We also maintain your annual testing percentages to meet FMCSA Regulation No. §382.305. FMCSAFETY also monitors each new-hire to ensure you have received a negative Pre-Employment Drug Screen prior to the driver performing a safety-sensitive function.


  • Accidents are one of the most stressful occurrences trucking companies must contend with. In the event you or your driver are not at fault, you must remain prepared if the other involved party pursues legal action. The best way to combat a potential lawsuit is to follow proper post-accident procedures and avoid spoliation. Spoliation: the loss or destruction of potentially relevant information that should have been preserved for a civil litigation matter.
  • FMCSAFETY protects our clients by providing them with necessary files and instructions on retaining information that in all probability would be requested by an attorney in the future. Additionally, we eliminate any confusion on whether a DOT Post-Accident Drug and Alcohol screen is required by providing an easy to read flowchart so you can quickly determine if a driver should undergo testing. If a post-accident screen is not performed for some reason, we assist clients in documenting the reasons why such tests weren’t performed. Furthermore, we review all police reports for accuracy, provide accident kits to your drivers, verify whether an accident is FMCSA Recordable, assist in maintaining compliant accident registers, and DATAQ erroneous violations and accidents as needed.