ELD Transition

All carriers and drivers subject to the ELD rule must transition from AOBRD to ELD by December 16, 2019. FMCSAFETY accepts partnership affiliations and endorses a limited number of FMCSA-Certified ELD Providers only after extensively researching their hardware, software, backoffice, customer support, pricing model, and installation process to ensure our clients receive the most reliable and affordable electronic logging devices. Happy with your current ELD provider? No problem. We are happy to assist you in transitioning from AOBRD to ELD no matter the provider.


We don't just provide files and forms. Our 30+ driver and supervisor training certifications, CSA review and monitoring, customized CSA Objective Program, Drug & Alcohol Program, consortium, annual drug and alcohol testing percentages, FMCSA Clearinghouse administration, company handbook revision and creation, in-house audits, customized post-accident kits, FMCSA-Recordable post-accident drug and alcohol screen assistance, accident registry maintenance, quarterly safety meeting topics, DATAQs assistance, and more is included at no additional charge.

Fleet Management

We supply and maintain your vehicle maintenance files, Inspector Qualification forms, customized Inspection/Repair/Maintenance documentation, Daily Vehicle Inspection Reports, personalized owner/operator lease agreements, Annual Inspector Qualification Forms per FMCSA Reg. §396.19, Annual Brake Inspector Qualification Forms per FMCSA Reg. §396.25, custom-tailored Pre and Post-Trip Inspection forms, assistance with updating MCS-150, DOT Roadside Inspection Report review, customized driver discipline and incentive programs and much more!



FMCSAFETY’s Fleet Safety and Compliance Program is a comprehensive program that includes everything your company needs to become or remain compliant. You’ll never pay a consortium, buy files, buy accident kits, or require anything else from “those other guys” again. If you need it, we provide it to you at no additional cost.

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FMCSAFETY analyzes your entire CSA profile and identifies driver and vehicle violation trends to create a strategic plan that will decrease your CSA scores. Our trained staff also performs “mock DOT audits” of your company to identify problem areas before FMCSA discovers them.

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FMCSAFETY maintains your company’s Drug & Alcohol files, monitors your annual random drug and alcohol testing percentages to ensure compliance, places your drivers into our national consortium, and assists your company in becoming a Drug-Free Workplace, saving you money on Workmen’s Compensation Insurance.

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FMCSAFETY is a premier consulting firm that was created to assist trucking companies in becoming and remaining FMCSA compliant. No matter the size of your company, FMCSAFETY takes the hassle out of compliance by providing and consolidating all FMCSA required programs, documents, files, and resources into one place for one low price.

Many trucking companies exposed to transportation-related risks do not have the staff or resources to productively maintain an effective safety and compliance program. FMCSAFETY provides you with the benefits and resources of a large safety and compliance department without the excessive cost. Safety and compliance should never compromise the efficiency and profitability of your fleet. Rather, it should protect it.